Red Ultra-Fine Polishing Foam Pads are polishing pads in Canada offered by Americana Global that deliver a flawless finish of the vehicle’s paint. These polishing pads can be used as a finishing pad prior to ceramic coating or prior to the installation of a paint protection film or a vinyl film.

The pores structure and everything about this Red Ultra-Fine Polishing Foam Pad has been designed to give you the flawless finishing ability out of a foam pad.

Advantages of Americana Foam Pads

  • Exact Fit Design (The backing plate matches up perfectly with the edges of the pad)
  • Signature Ventilation Holes
  • The pores of the pad by design resist buffing liquid building up during correction
  • No De-lamination and No Glue failure
  • Designed to be durable and long lasting when used with Long throw DA machines
6″ & 5″ Red Ultra Fine Polishing Foam Pad