White Max Cut Microfiber pads are heavy compound and defect removal cutting pads in Canada offered by Americana Global. These microfiber cutting pads are going to give you the most amount of clear coat removal and capability to remove defects. We recommend using it with Americana 1500 Cutting Compound for best results.

Americana Max Cut Microfiber Pads are the longest lasting, giving quick, efficient results for a consistent job every time.

These Microfiber cuttings discs are vented allowing your machine and backing plate to run cooler, preventing melting of the hook and loop. Because of cooler running temps Americana cutting pads create less heat on the surface giving a much better finish.

Advantages of Americana Microfiber Pads

  • Exact Fit Design (The backing plate matches up perfectly with the edges of the pad)
  • Signature Ventilation Holes
  • The pores of the pad by design resist buffing liquid building up during correction
  • No De-lamination and No Glue failure
  • Designed to be durable and long lasting when used with Long throw DA machines
6 inch Max Cut Microfiber Pad
6″, 5″ & 3″ White Max Cut Microfiber Pad